Banking / Retail

RAB Inc. has extensive experience in recovering debt for our banking clients, including:

  • Commercial loans
  • Judgments, Deficiencies and Charge-Offs
  • International fraud
  • Installment loans
  • Credit cards
  • Auto lease
  • Deficiency
  • Replevin debt
  • DDA accounts
  • Over drafted accounts
  • Mortgage
  • Legal accounts


We strive for maximum recoveries, and provide superior customer service, comprehensive reporting, and transparency, while maintaining the highest level of compliance.

RAB Inc. also performs receivables management services for a variety of retail industries including lease accounts, insurance, revolving accounts, installment loans, petroleum, auto, and deficiency. While each type of client may require a different approach, RAB Inc. can provide outstanding recovery for various industry related clients.

Our associates are compassionate towards consumers while persistently pursuing client interests. They are trained to negotiate mutually acceptable arrangements, either by payment plan, balance in full, or a settlement, while maintaining a professional approach.